GUIDED MEDITATION ✨ A Mother’s Day special for this week’s Empowerhouse ep, blessed to have a powerful meditation guided by goddess @biancazara 🙏
‘To the ones without their mothers. To the mothers who spend this day without their children. To the ones who have lost their babies. To those who are fighting the infertility journey of hoping and holding on to a Mother’s Day they dream of. To the women who didn’t get the opportunity to be a mother. To the step-mamas who have taken the selfless path of being a mentor mum. For those that feel broken on this day, may you find strength and grace in this path of life. To all the beautiful mamas who share this day with their blessings. Happy Mother’s Day to ALL the mamas.’
Give yourself the gift of this short meditation. Best 8 minutes you will spend 🧘‍♂️ Please share with anyone you think might appreciate this. Listen here… or just search Empowerhouse on Spotify or Apple Podcast